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Afghan Gemstone Industry Newsletter

Issue: #6   August 1, 2021

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Afghanistan Gemstone Industry Newsletter

this newsletter initative is sponsored by USAID through the Afghanistan Competitiveness of Export- Oriented Businesses Activity (ACEBA) and implemented by Gem Hunters Corporation, whereby Afghans in the gemstone industry can present their products to the worldwide market. Buyers can contact Afghan sellers directly to negotiate pricing and arrange shipping and payment.


Disclaimer: This newsletter is for the purpose of providing information and contacts only. USAID, ACEBA, and Gem Hunters Corporation are not and will not be involved in any transactions. Transactions are completely and strictly up to buyers and sellers, including shipping and payment of goods, and payment of duties, taxes and fees to Afghan government agencies and those in the buyer’s country (destination). Neither USAID nor Gem Hunters are responsible for the quality, grade or carat weight of stones etc. and independent arrangements must be made between buyers and sellers.


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